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May 5, 2016:




Burns provides commentary on JBE's rescission of Rev. Phillips' LALB appointment.
Click here for JBE's press release of 4/20/16 appointing Rev. Phillips.

Click here for screen-shot of 5/5/16 of Gov. Edwards LALB appointments.

(Note:  As of uploading of this feature, the site STILL has not been updated to reflect
the rescission.  Click here for a real-time version.)







November 10, 2015:




The three-year ordeal of 84-year-old Betty story and her fight against auctioneer
Marlo Schmidt concludes with her receiving $4,102.29 from 36th JDC and
Schmidt remitting an additional $1,500 to cover the cost of her three-night stay
at an assisted living facility after she'd moved in which she testified she did
ONLY as a result of Schmidt's promise to her to either sell her two homes
for a combined $110,000 or, if the properties did not sell at auction,
he would purchase the homes himself.  CLICK HERE to see Ms. Story's
June 22, 2015 letter to the LALB with her threat to sue the Board if it
stalled on her complaint.  CLICK HERE to see the email from the
Louisiana State Office of Risk Management to Ms. Story from Ann
Wax apologizing for LALB's attorney Larry S. Bankston's
having engaged in an "unpleasant conversation" with Ms. Story.







March 10, 2015:


 LALB discusses how it plans to handle complainant Betty Jo Story's
request for a reopened investigation of auctioneer Marlo Schmidt.
CLICK HERE for the entire LALB / Schmidt / Story saga. 




January 26, 2015:



Ms. Betty Jo Story expresses her hope that the LALB will make things right with her in this
interview immediately after her January 26, 2015 hearing before
 Judge Mike Caldwell in 19th JDC in Baton Rouge, LA.



On or around November 17, 2012, Marlo Schmidt conducted an auction for his client, Ms. Betty Jo Story.  Ms. Story contended that she was "promised" results on two real estate properties and that he ignored her requests for reserves on several of her cherished items but, instead, inserted her as the high bidder and charged her 40% commission to purchase her own merchandise back (plus a 10% buyer's premium).  Ms. Story sued Mr. Schmidt in 36th JDC and, in a trial on October 29, 2014, she obtained payment of $4,102.29 from Mr. Schmidt as the amount Judge O'Neal said he had no contractual authority to charge her.  Based on evidence revealed in 36th JDC, Ms. Story filed this complaint with the LALB dated November 4, 2014.   On November 17, 2014, the LALB sent Ms. Story this response, which indicated the LALB will proceed with the investigation of the complaint, but with the added caveat that it would do so "upon the decision of the court regarding the exceptions and the ultimate decision by the court."  So, Ms. Story now anxiously awaits seeing if the LALB will do as it indicated it would and investigate her most recent complaint.

Ms. Story also hasn't been happy to hear that, after the LALB mailed Brant Thompson (son of LA State Sen. Francis Thompson) this letter dated January 14, 2014 closing an investigation into his complaint, he complained bitterly to the LALB, after which they "reopened" a "closed" investigation, conducted a hearing, and filed a bond claim on Mr. Thompson's behalf all in a matter of mere months.  Mr. Thompson received his payment from the bond company in October of 2014.  On November 10, 2014,  Louisiana Voice published this feature story openly questioning if Thompson received preferential treatment as a result of his father's position as a Louisiana State Senator.  






October 29, 2014:





LAPA Vice President Robert Burns visits with Ms. Betty Jo Story
 at her home only 20 minutes after she attained a court award of
 $4,102.29 (plus court costs) in DeRidder, LA against
auctioneer Marlo Schmidt.  Ms. Story also relays that she
requested to address the LALB (by completing its official form to do so)
regarding the fact that Mr. Schmidt had steadfastly refused to
negotiate a settlement with her [in direct defiance of a directive
given to him by Board Member Darlene Jacobs-Levy (see video below)].
In response, Ms. Story relays that, on or around August 22, 2014, LALB
Executive Director Sandy Edmonds telephoned her and relayed that it
"would be a waste of your time."  Ms. Story relayed that Ms. Edmonds' response to her
 request prompted her to sue the LALB.





September 10, 2013:


LALB Hearing:  9/10/13
83-year-old Betty Story relays what a "nightmare" her auction by Marlo Schmidt turned out to be.
Ms. Story relays that, due to charges she was not informed she would incur for bidding on her own merchandise,
she ended up with a final bill indicating that she owed Mr. Schmidt $201.11 for the "privilege" of seeing the vast
majority of her belongings walk out the door.  Ms. Story relayed after the hearing that she was never made aware
that Mr. Schmidt had an obligation to reveal to the bidding public that, by permitting Ms. Story to bid on her
own merchandise, he was permitting shill bidding to transpire.  Other issues which concerned Ms. Story
entailed circumstances surrounding the auctioning of two homes she owned and permitted Mr. Schmidt to auction.
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