(Past Chairman)


LAPA began audiotaping and videotaping LALB meetings on August 2, 2010.  Accordingly, LAPA has no recorded evidence of embarrassments before that date.

Board Member JAMES KENNETH COMER (Past Chairman) served on the LALB until:  January 10, 2011 (last LALB meeting, resigned soon thereafter).



January 10, 2011



3:09 Mark:  LAPA President Rev. Phillips repeatedly threatened with lawsuits
by Chairman Comer and Attorney Dow for his challenging of a Dow invoice
as a potential "misappropriation of funds."
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August 2, 2010


Former long-time LALB Chairman Buster Gay and then-Chairman James Kenneth Comer tag-team
in badgering LAPA President Rev. Phillips in inquiring why he wants access to past LALB
travel records entailing Board Members being paid for their travels to a national auctioneers' convention.
Despite the fact the travel records are PUBLIC records, Comer and Gay remain steadfast in their determination
to deny Rev. Phillips access to the records.



Then-Chairman James Kenneth Comer gets quite testy with Rev. Phillips when Rev. Phillips asserts his legal
right to obtain the travel records referenced above.  Comer tells Rev. Phillips, "Go get your attorney.  Do whatever
you need to do..."  Mr. Comer then threatens Rev. Phillips saying that, unless he and others start to "work together for
the good of this state, and the auctioneers of this state, there just might be some people by theirselves."



Audience Member (and then-auctioneer) Nell Stuard Voices Displeasure
at the "character bashing" of LAPA President Rev. Freddie Phillips and names
then-LALB Chairman Comer as a chief culprit engaging in that character bashing. 


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