September 10, 2013 Louisiana Auctioneers Licensing Board (LALB) Meeting Highlights

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LALB suspends the license of auctioneer Mark Brister for public safety
"for his arrest pending charges for the sale of stolen goods."


LAPA President Rev. Freddie Phillips indicates he has absolutely no intention of backing down in pressing for LAPA's inclusion
on the LALB's website and that he can only assume discriminatory motives are behind the LALB's steadfast refusal to add LAPA's website.
LAPA Vice President Robert Burns tries to address the LALB's continued harping on the number of LAPA Members by stressing LAPA's TENETS.  Just as
an academic honor society is NOT representative of a University's total population, so too may LAPA not be representative of auctioneers as a whole
became many prospective auctioneer members oppose one or more tenets of LAPA.  Since when did a rigorous Code of Ethics become a criterion for
exclusion because many prospective members find its required Oath objectionable, thus resulting in a small membership?





LALB Hearing:  9/10/13
83-year-old Betty Story relays what a "nightmare" her auction by Marlo Schmidt turned out to be.
Ms. Story relays that, due to charges she was not informed she would incur for bidding on her own merchandise,
she ended up with a final bill indicating that she owed Mr. Schmidt $201.11 for the "priviledge" of seeing the vast
majority of her belongings walk out the door.  Ms. Story relayed after the hearing that she was never made aware
that Mr. Schmidt had an obligation to reveal to the bidding public that, by permitting Ms. Story to bid on her
own merchandise, he was permitting shill bidding to transpire.  Other issues which concerned Ms. Story
entailed circumstances surrounding the auctioning of two homes she owned and permitted Mr. Schmidt to auction.




LALB Hearing:  9/10/13
  Grover Phipps is alleged to have written three (3) NSF checks.  LALB Attorney Anna Dow relayed that the checks were never made good until
the LALB became involved and stated, "The LALB is not a collection agency for auction consignors."  Mr. Phipps relayed that
only one (1) of the three checks was to a consignor with the other two being for his own purchase of merchandise for his flea markets.






Consent agreement with Manheim Auctions for utilizing the services Barry Shackleford
for calling at least two of their auctions without possessing a Louisiana auctioneer's license.





Continued discussion of auto auction requirements and dialogue with the Louisiana Used Motor Vehicle Commission





LALB advances initiative to abolish the apprentice program via 2014 legislation.




LALB approves modification to license renewal application to
provide for disclosure of licensees who may be in a Deferred Adjudication program
(popular in TX and some other states whereby a first-time felon serves a probationary
period, after which the case is "dismissed" WITHOUT a felony conviction appearing
on his or her record - in contrast to straight probation which DOES entail
a conviction.





LALB adopts form for public members obtaining an agenda lite item
to address the Board.  Without mentioning anyone by name, Chairman
Steinkamp appears to vent some frustration arising from the July 9, 2013
comments by Wiley Collins before the Board (going beyond what he said he'd discuss)




LALB Secretary-Treasurer Darlene Jacobs-Levy steps out of her
role as Board Member to seek accommodation from Board for Board
Chairman Tessa Steinkamp





LAPA Vice President provides visual evidence that he is NOT an auction licensee anymore!!
Burns' reference to past Board Member comments entailed questions as whether the Board
would adjudicate the utterly absurd Writ of Attachment filed against him by the Board or whether
the matter would be adjudicated in court.  Here's the answer:
the LALB has ZERO jurisdiction over Robert Burns anymore as he is NOT a licensee of the LALB!!!!!
Anything going forward is in 19th JDC, baby!!!!!!!!!!


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