July 7, 2015 Louisiana Auctioneers Licensing Board (LALB) Meeting Highlights

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 A complete review of the sordid episodes of auctioneer Mark Brister
is provided to include his arrest, $50,000 in NSF checks, ignoring a $3,000 reserve
requirement of consignor creditor Cross Keys Bank, his bankruptcy, his license
 suspension twice within two years due to public safety concerns, and more.
Video clips are provided from the following LALB meetings:  9/10/13, 11/5/14,
1/13/15, and 7/7/15.  To see historical video episodes entailing Brister, CLICK HERE.




LAPA Vice President Robert Burns welcomes the 1,800+ NON-Louisiana
auctioneers now receiving LAPA's email alerts of LALB videos and provides
feedback from three such auctioneers across the U. S.:  Paul Stansel of Collinsville, CT;
George Cunningham of Phoenix, AZ; and an auctioneer who requested anonymity from Illinois.





LAPA Vice President Robert Burns explains the delay in LAPA President Rev.
Freddie Lee Phillips' Louisiana State of the Auction Industry Address (SAIA) for
2015.  Burns includes impending updates on the Henderson v. Everett et. al. lawsuit
(to see the actual lawsuit, CLICK HERE) as well as the Henderson v. Henderson lawsuit
 (to see the actual lawsuit, CLICK HERE).  The breakaway Henderson & Henderson
auction website may be viewed by CLICKING HERE.  To view a chronological history
of Louisiana auctioneer Marvin Henderson, CLICK HERE.




LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips makes public comment expressing
his continued resolve to pursue LALB transparency and express his concerns
about the cost of the Bobby Manuel hearing over a trivial $25 dresser (for which
Manuel offered a full refund) when nobody has ever been called before the LALB to
account for the egregious auction statute violations of New Orleans Auction
Galleries, LALB's Steinkamp's employer and for whom she served as Vice President,
Director, and TREASURER prior to the firm's 4/1/11 bankruptcy filing.




LALB reveals that, due to the number of hearings it has in the queue, it
is going to declare a special day devoted to conducting those hearings.
The date will not be the same as for a regular board meeting, and it will
sometime after September 1, 2015. 


Re-broadcast of LALB meeting of 3/10/15 during which Jenna
Linn, Associate Attorney at convicted felon Larry S. Bankston's law firm,
recoils when LAPA Vice President Robert Burns references
 "FBI investigations."  Accordingly, Burns explains why Linn would recoil at the
mention of FBI investigations and also relays what he would have stated had Ms. Linn
 not so rudely cut off his public comment.  LAPA provides this re-broadcast
for the benefit of the 1,800+ out-of-state auctioneers whom have been
added to LAPA's email distribution list and may not be aware of
Bankston's checkered past.


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