Mark Brister




November 7, 2016:


  LALB discusses an application for reinstatement of Mark Brister's auction license.






September 1, 2015; November 10, 2015; July 11, 2016:



LALB Meeting:  July 11, 2016
  Auctioneer Nick Hardy is to serve as the sponsoring auctioneer
for apprentice Edward Heaston, a convicted Arizona felon
sentenced to prison for fraudulent schemes and 3rd degree burglary.
CLICK HERE (beginning on page 3) for the complaint from a lady
fleeced for $25,000 after the LALB permitted Mark Brister to
obtain his license back without POSING ANY QUESTION on
how he was to "make a millions dollars overnight."
[See segment of video above].



On 9/1/15, LAPA Vice President Robert Burns openly ponders how anybody like
Quan Nguyen, who spoke above, would have ANY CLUE about auctioneer Mark
given that the LALB continued to show him as having an active auction
license through 12/31/15.  Then, at the 11/10/15 meeting, Burns openly expresses

 dismay at the LALB considering  a text from Brister as having "located him."
The preceding link also shows an email from Brister's wife saying any mail
sent to his address will not get to him as the home is in foreclosure.  Finally,
the preceding link, beginning on page three (3), provides documentation of a complaint
 from a woman who loaned Brister $25,000 to keep him afloat in the auction
 business during the timeframe the LALB was back-and-forth on him in terms of
 licensure, with said loan not being repaid.  The LALB deemed the complaint "not
 related" to an auction.  Interestingly, LALB Member Darlene Jacobs-Levy
indicates the Board was correct to have no reason for concern when Brister
 represented he could "make a million dollars overnight" in stating she
 has the ability to do the same
in the auction business! 







July 7, 2015:



 A complete review of the sordid episodes of auctioneer Mark Brister
is provided to include his arrest, $50,000 in NSF checks, ignoring a $3,000 reserve
requirement of consignor creditor Cross Keys Bank, his bankruptcy, his license
 suspension twice within two years due to public safety concerns, and more.
Video clips are provided from the following LALB meetings:  9/10/13, 11/5/14,
1/13/15, and 7/7/15. 








January 13, 2015:



Mark Brister, who expressed frustration at the LALB meeting of 11/5/14 regarding
 the imposition of a $2,500 fine and insisting that he utilize a business license and licensed
auctioneer during a six-month suspension of his license, sought reconsideration.  A perfect analogy is
that of a famous televangelist in 1988, Jimmy Swaggart, rebuffing  the National Assemblies
 of God's banning him from the pulpit for a year.  Similarly, the LALB banned Brister from
the auctioneer stand for six (6) months, but Brister, at the
7:45 mark above,
relayed (just as Swaggart did), that is was critical that HE be behind the auction
stand, less his entire business operation collapse (pretty similar to Swaggart's contention
that Jimmy Swaggart Ministries would similarly collapse if he stayed out of the pulpit for a
year).  In fact, beginning at the
8:26 mark, Mr. Brister stated, "an opportunity has come along that
may make me a millionaire overnight, but it can't happen unless I'm behind the auction stand."
Perhaps such a gigantic windfall, should it materialize, may enable Brister to pay many of his
unsecured creditors after his recent bankruptcy filing.  Unlike the National Assemblies of God, which
held firm on the one-year ban on Swaggart regarding the pulpit, the LALB caved and granted
Mr. Brister immediate authority to return to the auctioneer stand subject to restrictions imposed and an
 increase in his fine from $2,500 to $4,000. 






November 5, 2014:



Mark Brister, whose license was suspended indefinitely on 9/10/13 for the alleged auctioning
of stolen merchandise, applied for license reinstatement.  The above LALB hearing entailed
 numerous auction statute violations.  The LALB indicated to Mr. Brister the terms upon which his auction
license could be reinstated.  Brister (@
10:56 mark of video):
  "Actually, word travels faster from Baton Rouge to West Monroe and back thanks to high-speed internet.
  I don't understand that, but it does.  People in West Monroe knew two weeks ahead that my license had been suspended
before I even knew it.  Sending me emails saying it's all on the internet." 
11:24 - 14:10 LALB Attorney Anna Dow grills Brister on lawsuits and his filing for bankruptcy days before the hearing. 
Once Mr. Brister admits that he filed bankruptcy days before the hearing to avoid a Sheriff Sale on
his building, Ms. Dow hammers him on not being truthful earlier in his testimony when she relayed, "Mr. Brister, if there's
a Sheriff's Sale date established, you've been sued by somebody!"  







September 10, 2013:


LALB Hearing:  9/10/13
LALB suspends the license of auctioneer Mark Brister for public safety "for his arrest pending charges for the sale of stolen goods."




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