Evangelist Sean Leteff



January 23, 2017




LALB discusses filing bond claims against Evangelist Sean Leteff and Joel Alan Murphy to
collect unpaid fines assessed and the cost of administrative hearings.






November 10, 2015


LALB adjudicates complaint by Mark Muller of White Elephant Trading Co.,
entailing a complaint filed against evangelist Sean Leteff, with whom he had
a business relationship wherein Muller would buy items at auction at distant states
like New Jersey, after which he would consign certain purchased items from those auctions
to Leteff, after which they were to share in any profits arising from the resales.
Interestingly, at the 7:06 mark, Member Darlene Jacobs-Levy, as part of her
penalty motion, indicated that the LALB was to file a bond claim to "make Muller whole."
This fact did not sit well with complainant Judy Fasola, who has been fighting
with the LALB to file a bond claim on her behalf for years now entailing auctioneer Ken Buhler.




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