Michael Bruner (Texas)



LALB Meeting:  May 5, 2015.
Discussion of license application for convicted felon
Michael Bruner.  Board Member Darlene Jacobs-Levy
voted "no."  After the meeting, Burns reminded Jacobs-Levy
that she'd supported hiring convicted felon Larry S. Bankston.
In fact, she even FALSELY stated that he "has no baggage" and has,
"never been censured by any court that I'm aware of," when, in reality,
Bankston's law license was revoked by the Louisiana Supreme Court.
Burns asked Jacobs-Levy how she could reconcile voting to oppose Bruner yet
voting to support Bankston's hiring.  Her response?  "That's different."
As governmental watchdog C. B. Forgotston is fond of saying, "you
can't make this stuff up, folks!!"



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