Kathleen "Sue" White





June 20, 2011:



LALB Meeting:  06/20/11
Kathleen "Sue" White's allegedly not paying Calcasieu Parish sales taxes
and refusing to accept certified mailings from LALB regarding same.
Everything began via the LALB receiving this complaint from a disgruntled employee
of Ms. White.  The complaint is indicative of someone with about a 2nd grade education
(e.g. "state should get its dew" referencing taxes).  White correctly assessed the complaint

as coming from a disgruntled former employee, whom she identified as having serious problems.  White
volunteered that she'd paid to send him to auction school and that, while she was out with medical problems,
the auction was "his show," so if any taxes weren't paid, it was on him.  That prompted
 this letter exchange between Dow and Calcasieu Parish sales tax officials.  Dow says she can't
provide the complaint letter because the "investigation is ongoing," but no doubt the real reason she
doesn't want to provide the complaint is that it's an embarrassment!





September 19, 2011:



LALB Meeting:  9/19/11
23-Minute Discussion of sales tax issues surrounding auctioneer Kathleen "Sue" White

White had responded to a Dow subpoena with the red herring
of a nonexistent auction consignor complaint.  Nevertheless, after the episode relayed below
the LALB dropped all pursuit of Ms. White after 9/19/11.

Since the matter entailed alleged nonpayment of sales taxes, LAPA Vice President Robert Burns throws out a proposal:
19:42 - 21:08 Burns asks LALB if it would want copy of Louisiana State lawsuit against
auctioneer for alleged nonpayment of sales taxes.

20:40 - 20:42 Board Member Greg Bordelon indicates he WOULD want knowledge of such a lawsuit.

In light of Mr. Bordelon's response, LAPA Vice President Robert Burns emailed
this Sales Tax Lawsuit of State of Louisiana v. JAH Enterprises (d/b/a Henderson Auctions)
to ALL member of the LALB after the 9/19/11 meeting.




November 15, 2011:



LALB Meeting:  11/15/11 
Marvin Henderson becomes VERY disgruntled that he has been dragged into the sales tax issues entailing Kathleen "Sue" White
0:44 - 0:48 Henderson:  "Sales taxes are none of the Board's business.  You're NOT the revenue department!"
7:30 - 8:10 Board Member Greg Bordelon gets defensive about asking for copy of lawsuit.
Bordelon:  "You didn't tell me it was Marvin Henderson!"
What a PRICELESS quote by Mr. Bordelon.  AT LEAST he was honest about the LALB's "made-man" Mafia-like characteristics!!

For the record, the LALB dropped ALL pursuit of Kathleen "Sue" White subsequent to the video shown above.



As a result of the preceding episodes entailing the SHARPLY contrasting treatments
for Ms. White v. Mr. Henderson, along with numerous other observations
 LAPA Vice President Robert Burns made regarding the LALB,
Burns produced the preceding video on November 3, 2012
DIRECTLY comparing the LALB with the Mafia!


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