Jeff Henderson

(LALB Member)



Sound Off Louisiana Posts on the Henderson v. Everett Litigation and other problematic issues:


6/11/16:  LALB Member Jeff Henderson backed into Suing Marvin Henderson


7/5/16:  Gov. Edwards' Auction Corruption Train Surpasses Jindal's with Henderson Alleged Fraud


11/14/16:  Exposed for permitting his father to illegally notarize documents
 and permitting out-of-state auctioneers to call auctions with no auction license.

[Acknowledgement of fine payment for illegally permitting out-of-state auctions to call auctions]


12/28/16:  Jeff Henderson incurred nearly $1 million in alleged fraud losses due to his OWN "negligence, inattention, lack of supervision, etc."


01/05/17:  Federal Judge Shelly Dick issues scathing ruling entailing Marvin Henderson having allegedly committed FRAUD entailing civil litigation pertaining to James Blake Everett.





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