Bryan Hammock (Virginia)




LALB meeting date:  7/11/16
Counter-offer on proposed stipulation entailing Bryan
, an auctioneer based in Virginia, discussed.  Hammock balked at
the totality of charges ($2,900 in administrative costs + $1,000
fine, for a total of $3,900) entailed in the LALB's stipulation agreement.
It may be possible that Hammock may be short on cash in
having to defend against this apparent 4/1/16 arrest for 1st offense DWI.


  As LAPA Vice President Robert Burns
points out at the end of the video, the LALB his historically never
pursued EITHER auctioneers OR consumers for administrative
expenses; however, LAPA has distributed far and wide
auctioneer Keith Babb's threatening letter to a complainant against him
and LAPA's handwritten notation that Babb would be hard-pressed
to provide A SINGLE INSTANCE wherein the LALB has sought
administrative expenses against a consumer.  Burns states that
it's "no coincidence" that the LALB suddenly has a hard-on
for recovering administrative expenses from the losing party.

Entailing Burns' comments about the sheer number of auctioneers
who have lied on their applications, consider this episode in which
Barbara Bonnette READILY ADMITS that she lied on her application
about being disciplined in Texas for conducting an unlicensed auction
and further admitted that the signature on her application was forged.

CLICK HERE for past lies on Jean Vidos (New Orleans Auction Galleries)
application wherein she said she was not subject to any lawsuits when,
in reality, Massound Pouratian has sued NOAG years before entailing
paintings auctioned for six figures that were fakes and had Christie's
rejections stickers on them when they arrived at NOAG's facility, yet
NOAG auctioned them anyway.

  Also, compelling evidence has surfaced
that former LALB Chairman Tessa Steinkamp may have lied on her
applications entailing her residency which would have disqualified
her for LALB membership, much less Chairmanship!

As Burns points out above, the LALB has no qualms "throwing the book"
at an out-of-state auctioneer while letting absolutely egregious statute
violations by in-state auctioneers (including members of the LALB themselves)
get swept under the rug.




LALB Meeting:  May 10, 2016
  Auctioneer Bryan Hammock (Virginia) is cited for allegedly conducting
a Louisiana auction after making falsely stating on his application
that he was a validly-licensed Virginia auctioneer.



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