Bruce Miller (deceased at time of hearing)



May 6, 2014




Hearing:  LALB v. Bruce Miller (deceased).  LAPA addresses speculation that
the LALB may be bending over backwards to facilitate Louisiana State Senator Francis Thompson' son, Brant,
in filing a bond to cover his alleged losses.  LAPA also discusses speculation
that the "gentleman from New York" may have previously been affiliated with a
Louisiana auctioneer with extensive past problems and that the gentleman from
New York became disillusioned with that auctioneer and decided to apply
for an apprentice license under auctioneer Terry Shirley.


November 5, 2014



Upon finding out that Brant Thompson, son of Louisiana State Senator Francis
 Thompson (D-Delhi), succeeded in obtaining a bond payment for his alleged losses entailing
 deceased auctioneer Bruce Miller, Judy Fasola expresses her frustrations with the LALB.  Those frustrations entail
Ms. Fasola asserting that she was victimized by notoriously-problematic auctioneer Ken Buhler and his father, Mac. 
Specifically, Ms. Fasola was frustrated that LALB attorney Anna Dow, after having her jump through all of the hoops to file
a bond claim, reversed course and refused to file a claim for her.  During her presentation, Ms. Fasola managed
to catch the LALB members in one contradiction after another as evidenced by the historical
 LALB video excerpts merged into the above video clip.







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