Barbara Bonnette



July 24, 2007:


East Baton Rouge Parish Finance Division Alleges Ms. Bonnette Didn't Pay Sales Taxes on Two Auctions.




May 18, 2010:


Ms. Bonnette Testifies Before LA House Committee on Criminal Justice Regarding Shill Bidding. 


Ms. Bonnette admits it was "my auction" at which then Rep. Damon Baldone alleged a shill or phantom bid arose.




December 6, 2010:


LALB hearing entailing Ms. Bonnette having been disciplined in TX for failing to Possess TX Auction License.     


Note:  Ms. Bonnette's auctioneer file also contains numerous past advertising violations. 





May 6, 2014:


Despite appearing before the LALB only a year previously saying "licensing fees are getting out of hand," Ms. Bonnette relays she'd "rather have a $500 auction license fee than a $5 licensing fee" (it's presently $150).  Meanwhile, her associate, Chris Lemoine, directly tries to block LAPA videotaping of her comments, leading to an approximate 1-minute Jerry Spring-like episode at the LALB.     






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