July 16, 2012 Louisiana Auctioneers Licensing Board (LALB) Meeting Highlights

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  Hearing:  Jerry Rosato (exits due to videotaping - Board proceeds w/out him)


Hearing:  Cecil Brown

  Terse Commentary from LALB Members Regarding MS Licensing.               
James Sims:  "I'm all for pulling MS's reciprocity agreement with LA."    


Discussion of Redefining Parameters/Definition of ABSOLUTE Auction  (please excuse first 2:40 of video - camera holder not tech savvy)



Reinstatement of Stuart Holbrook (CLICK HERE for Spelling lawsuit article  


Larry Bankston (LALB Co-Counsel) Gives Fundamental Guidance on Robert's Rules of Order



Board further advances purchasing of building by approving proposed Statute language for acquiring a building.  Gov. Jindal issued an Executive Order prohibiting capital outlays through June 30, 2012 (CLICK HERE to see Gov. Jindal's Executive Order, BJ 12-03).  Again, please excuse the poor video quality of the first 2:40 of the video.  Only one audience member was present to operate the camera, Robert Burns' mother.  At 81, she does GREAT at everything she could reasonably be expected to do, so she gets a "pass" on not being overly tech savvy.


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