July 18, 2011 Louisiana Auctioneers Licensing Board (LALB) Meeting Highlights


seeks claim on Dow's malpractice policy (Dow = pursue Phillips' license).


seeks reimbursement from Dow (Sims = "After-the-fact witch hunt." 


seeks new Vice Chair election due to N. O. Auction Galleries bankruptcy.         



3rd party legal counsel hiring consideration by LALB (Bordelon = "get restraining order."


 Phillips seeks reprimand of Edmonds for 3/21/11 comments.


  LALB / IDB move.  Edmonds:  "Security hired due to Phillips and Burns."



seeks reimbursement for 2008 NALLOA travel to convention.


seeks $97 reimbursement for 11/17/10 Legislative Hearing attendance.



seeks travel voucher irregularity policy.


 Phillips seeks explanation for $450 Dow billing.


Discussion of N. O. Auction Galleries bankruptcy.



 Kevin Kelly settlement offer (paying license fee from escrow).


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