March 6, and May 8, 2017 Louisiana Auctioneers Licensing Board (LALB) Meeting Highlights

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March 6, 2017:  Discussion of the Freddie Lee Phillips School of Auctioneering.
Phillips is pleased to maintain an alumni webpage.



March 6, 2017:  Board votes to suspend the school license for Burk Baker Auction School.





May 8, 2017:  Board votes NOT to renew the contract of Larry S. Bankston.

May 8, 2017:  Board discusses auction business licenses of World Net Auctions, LLC and H & H Auctioneers, LLC.
The item had to be moved on the agenda because the Board barely had a quorum (at four members) when the meeting
started, and Jeff Henderson, one of the four, had to recuse himself because his company, JAH Enterprises, is
suing both Worldnet Auctions, LLC and  H & H Auctioneers, LLC.
NOTE:  CLICK HERE for a video of the Worldnet Auction litigation and CLICK HERE for a video
 of the H & H Auctioneers, LLC lawsuit


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