May 10, 2016  Louisiana Auctioneers Licensing Board (LALB) Meeting Highlights

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LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips goes toe-to-toe with Louisiana Gov.
  John Bel Edwards and Edwards' rescission of his appointment of Phillips
to the LALB
.  Phillips specifically references his
 extensive role in reporting payroll fraud on the part of LALB Executive Director
Sandy Edmonds entailing both the LALB and the Interior Design Board.




LAPA Vice President Robert Burns addresses reports he has received from other
Louisiana auctioneers that LALB Member Jeff Henderson has, on at least four
occasions, the most recent of which is January 28, 2016, permitted one or more individuals
NOT possessing an auction license to call auctions at his company
, Henderson Auctions, in
Livingston, Louisiana.  See the fifth (5th) video on this page to see the LALB's
handling of a substantially-similar situation entailing Manheim Auctions
and Alabama auctioneer Barry Shackelford.  



LAPA Vice President Robert Burns updates auctioneers on the potential
reinstate of continuing education, addresses reports LAPA has received in
terms of speculation that former LALB Chairman Tessa Steinkamp may not
have been eligible for LALB membership
, provides a quick review of the
corruption entailing the Steinkamp regime and the quid pro quo of
Executive Director Sandy Edmonds downplaying complaints entailing
New Orleans Auction Galleries (NOAG) and, in turn, Steinkamp turning
a blind eye to Edmonds' payroll fraud and continuing to demand one
pay raise after another for Edmonds.

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CLICK HERE for NOAG illegalities Steinkamp shielded from the LALB for years.



LAPA Vice President Robert Burns expresses his concerns that the LALB
has been abusing its statutory authority to convene executive sessions to
discussions of auctioneer wrongdoing.  In so doing, Burns alleges the public is harmed
by not being informed, for example, what actions on the part of notoriously-problematic
auctioneer Ken Buhler would prompt him to
voluntarily (no doubt at the DIRECT urging of the LALB) place restrictions on his license.


LALB discusses NALLOA travel for Sandy Edmonds and LAPA Vice President Robert
Burns expresses his dismay that no LALB auctioneer wants to take
the initiative to attend the NAA / NALLOA convention
, yet Rev. Freddie Lee
Phillips sought to attend and, when he asked for an agenda item to be
added on May 4, 2016, he received a phone call from Gov. Edwards' head
of Boards and Commissions, Ellen Palmintier, THE NEXT DAY, Thursday,
May 5, 2016, informing him that his LALB appointment had been
rescinded by Gov. Edwards


LALB discusses counter-offer on proposed stipulation entailing Bryan
, an auctioneer based in Virginia.

LALB conducts administrative hearing on Joel Allen Murphy (NSF consignor
 checks, no escrow account, potential problematic benefit auction).




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