May 20, 2013 Louisiana Auctioneers Licensing Board (LALB) Meeting Highlights

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Auctioneer Barbara Bonnette discusses her desire for the LALB to clamp down on Louisiana
real estate agents and brokers conducting online real estate auctions with no auction license.  The LALB seems quite
receptive to her requests and assures her they'll pursue having such folk brought under the purview of the LALB
by attempting to require auction licenses for such online auctions (including sealed bids). 


 Auctioneer Barbara Bonnette discusses her frustration at the Louisiana Used Motor Vehicle Commission (LUMVC)
requiring both a auto dealer's license and a separately-issued auction license issued by them
in order to auction automobiles.  The LALB appears quite sympathetic to her complaint and
commits to do anything it can with the LUMVC to alleviate the situation.


LALB initiates a hard line regarding the present criteria for obtaining an auction
apprentice license.  LALB Vice Chairman James Sims references a complaint by a
 "South Louisiana female auctioneer" regarding auctions being called with no auction license.  The particular geographic
 area referenced is the "state line area" to include Bogalusa and New Orleans.   LALB attorney Anna Dow says she's
 "very familiar" with Crossroad Auction in Mississippi.  Sims references auctioneers from "Mississippi and Alabama"
 coming to Louisiana conducting auctions with no Louisiana license.  Board Members James Sims and Hal McMillin
 express a desire to abolish the apprentice licensing route; however, Ms. Sims indicates that likely won't be possible, so
 the Board opts to begin the process to lengthening the required period for a supervisor to be licensed before
sponsoring an apprentice from 1 year to 3 years.  Also, Selma Ray Mangham's apprentice application is
DENIED based on the fact that his proposed sponsor, Belinda Rhodes (his sister), has only been licensed since November 2012
and already serves as sponsoring auctioneer for her son.


LAPA finds it ironic that Member Hal McMillin would be so critical of Ms. Rhodes' lack of experience
given that, as evidenced by the above audio clip of the 11/05/12 LALB Meeting, he has no intention of reporting
an "auctioneer" operating with no license because, "the guy is a reporter for the local paper and he will chastise
me in his column.....this would all come back to me!!"  WOW!!  Talk about the epitome of hypocrisy!!

LALB opts to go into Executive Session to discuss the reciprocal license application of Alabama auctioneer Barry Shackelford.
Executive Session requested due to Mr. Shackelford having purportedly
 called auctions in Louisiana with no Louisiana auction license.



LALB exonerates Ken Buhler of all wrongdoing and lifts all restrictions from his auction license.

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