May 21, 2012 Louisiana Auctioneers Licensing Board (LALB) Meeting Highlights

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LAPA Vice President Robert Burns Opens Meeting With LAPA Related Inquiries
(Board Responses/Feedback Reflected in Table Below)


LAPA Related Issue Raised LALB Response (if any) or Other Feedback
Revision of Executive Assistant employment agreement in light of LAO Report and related Civil Service Issues (CLICK HERE for current employment agreement with issues highlighted and LAO hourly rate computation). No response during meeting (perhaps to be on July, 2012 LALB agenda?).
Issue of how LALB  went about non renewal of Jean Vidos' 2012 license with no apparent Board discussion whatsoever of same. No response during meeting.  This issue may likely resurface as the denial of due process is virtually unprecedented at the LALB.  CLICK HERE for an official FOIA response from LALB on its documentation regarding the Vidos non-renewal for 2012.  Regarding that FOIA response, CLICK HERE to the 6/20/11 LALB minutes to which the FOIA referenced.
Why has 2013 LA-resident license fee waiver request by LAPA been ignored when overwhelming support among LA auctioneers exists for same (recall Chairman Steinkamp previously relayed privately after the March 19, 2012 meeting that "509 prevents that"?) Chairman Steinkamp and Vice Chairman Sims stated after the meeting that "509" referred to HB-509 and a companion bill, HB-822, which was initially believed to have precluded a license fee waiver.  However, both Chairman Steinkamp and Vice Chairman Sims relayed that interpretation was incorrect.  Therefore, LAPA will begin another active campaign for a license fee waiver for 2014.  LAPA appreciates the numerous phone calls and emails received regarding this proposal, and we vow to fight HARD for it for calendar year 2014.
LAPA raises issue of why legal contract is NOT being bid out (and hasn't been since 2009) and also seeks written evidence from LALB that Ms. Dow, the current LALB legal counsel, carries malpractice insurance. Ms. Dow's employment parameters are conveyed in the video below.  LAPA made request on 5/30/12 for evidence of Dow malpractice policy.  CLICK HERE for LALB response (through Mr. Bankston) regarding Dow malpractice policy.  Video below also entails hiring of Mr. Larry Bankston as attorney for handling disciplinary matters in which Ms. Dow has a conflict.
NAA / NALLOA attendance:  LAPA Vice President Robert Burns stresses that LAO has stated only Officers of LALB eligible for reimbursement and only if they are attending in their capacities. Ms. Dow indicates Board can merely vote to send anyone as a "substitute" for an officer and Ms. Steinkamp defends past years of voting for entire Board to attend.  Burns reiterates what LAO has relayed regarding the matter.  (CLICK HERE for 2002 LALB Minutes Outlining LAO Directive)  See video below.
Lease:  IDB to use LA Municipal Building (which is free) as will LALB.  The end result is that the LALB is stuck paying $17,446.15 for a Boardroom at Newcastle that neither agency needs (LALB sought to have IDB pay half, and IDB balked and said they'd use LA Municipal Building for free). See video below for lease discussion as well as progress regarding LALB buying its own building.


  Spirited Debate on Out-of-State Reciprocity (particularly MS)


Discussion of Completion of NOAG bankruptcy and prospective bidders


  Discussion of Renewal of Dow Contract & Hiring of Larry Bankston



 NAA / NALLOA Attendance (LAO Directive)  


Discussion of Building Purchase By LALB & IDB Lease Negotiation Update


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