March 8, 2016  Louisiana Auctioneers Licensing Board (LALB) Meeting Highlights

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LAPA Vice President Robert Burns provides update on status of
  reinstating Continuing Education (CE) in Louisiana as a requirement for an
auction license.  CLICK HERE for historical LALB coverage of CE.
Visit the LAPA homepage to see the latest developments on
reinstating CE as efforts to reinstate it transpire in the 2016 Louisiana Legislature.




LAPA President Rev. Freddie Phillips weighs in on CE,
challenges the fact that the LALB office lease, which was approved by the LALB
for renewal subsequent to his comments, calls for the LALB
to cover an inordinate amount of the lease vis-a-vis the
Interior Design Board.
CLICK HERE for the lease documentation Phillips references,
which calls for the LALB to pay $660/month, whereas the IDB pays only
Despite Phillips' concerns, the LALB approved renewal
of the lease with terms the same as the current lease.

Phillips also goes toe-to-toe with LALB attorney Jenna Linn
for her repetitive pattern of interrupting his public comment
soon after he mentions the acronym "LAPA!"


LAPA Vice President Robert Burns updates auctioneers on
the latest developments in the JAH Enterprises (Henderson Auctions)
v. Blake Everett, et. al. litigation to include Everett having
filed suit against Henderson in Federal Court in Baton Rogue.

Supporting Documents:

1.  Curator fee of $350 taxed as costs in the litigation by David Guidry.

2.  Transfer of litigation from 21st JDC State Court to Baton Rouge Federal Court.

3.  Order setting early deadlines (4/14 & 4/28) established for Federal litigation.

4.  Motion to Dismiss Sam Everett (Blake's father) from litigation.

5.  Answer and Countersuit filed by Everett.

6.  Spreadsheet asserting that Henderson owes Everett over $600,000.

7.  Order for oral arguments on Sam Everett's Dismissal (Denied)
 and assignment to Magistrate Judge to consider the matter.


To see past videos of the JAH v. Everett litigation, CLICK HERE


LAPA Vice President Robert Burns provides added background
regarding LALB Member Jeff Henderson's 11/10/15 request for auction
statutes to be revised for a "licensed auctioneer to use an unlicensed auctioneer
on a trial basis with supervision and restrictions."  Regarding the disciplinary
action taken against Alabama auctioneer Barry Shackelford, view the LAST video on this page.


LAPA Vice President Robert Burns provides insight into his
"bulldog oversight of the LALB" in referencing his ongoing
litigation with LALB attorney Anna Dow.


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