March 5, 2013 Louisiana Auctioneers Licensing Board (LALB) Meeting Highlights

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LALB v. Ken Buhler / Estate Auction Services Highlights (postponed from March 5, 2013 to March 26, 2013).
It's worth noting that, while Mr. Buhler says he's been an "expert witness" in court for purposes
of assessing items' values, the LALB makes no inquiry of his other recent court appearances:
Ken Buhler June, 2011 Judgment for Federal Court civil liability to Five (5) plaintiffs for the fraudulent
use of Interstate Commerce Instrumentalities
Ken Buhler domestic abuse case in 19th JDC (scheduled for trial on June 5, 2013).

In the above video, considerable focus is placed on what restrictions were placed on Ken Buhler at the September 20, 2010 LALB meeting.  Fortunately, through LAPA's video archive, we have that video footage.  LAPA encourages EVERYONE to "take a stroll down memory lane" to see who all have astounding memories and whose memories apparently became a little "fuzzy."  As an added bonus, the "stroll down memory lane" draws your attention (via documentation links) to some outright falsehood statements made to the LALB (and the video footage doesn't lie, folks!!!!). 


LALB Member Hal McMillin Touts the Benefits of Auction School
 vs. Apprentice for Auction Licensure


LAPA finds it ironic that Member Hal McMillin would see the need for EITHER auction school OR apprenticeship for auction licensure
given that, as evidenced by the above audio clip of the 11/05/12 LALB Meeting (that meeting was a doozy, huh??) that he has no
intention of reporting an "auctioneer" operating with no license because, "the guy is a reporter for the local paper and he will chastise
me in his column.....this would all come back to me!!"
WOW!!  Talk about the epitome of hypocrisy!!  Well, the videos and audio clips don't lie, folks!!



LAPA Vice President Robert Burns Illustrates Glaring Irregularities in Legal Invoices
 of Anna Dow and Larry Bankston

Mr. McMillin's above contradictory commentary notwithstanding, LALB discusses parameters
for future approvals of apprentice programs leading to auction licensure.

LALB discusses request of auctioneer Barbara Bonnette that the Louisiana Used Motor Vehicle Commission's practice of
requiring a separate auction license (issued by the LUMVC) at a cost of $400 be investigated.  Board Member Hal McMillin takes exception to Ms. Bonnette
not being present to present her issues and instead they are being presented by Executive Assistant Sandy Edmonds on Ms. Bonnette's behalf.



Fresh off being exonerated by the Louisiana Inspector General Office, LALB Vice Chairman James Sims
 resumes his relentless personal attacks against LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillip
Louisiana's First and Only African American Auctioneer.  He is joined in his efforts by LALB
Chairman Tessa Steinkamp, who has NEVER shied away from her own unprovoked personal attacks against Rev. Phillips

 LAPA President Rev. Freddie Phillips attempts to obtain clarification on whether LAPA's website
will be added as a link to the LALB website.  Board Attorney Larry Bankston responds by making a number
of personal observations about LAPA (after being requested to do so by Board Member Hal McMillin).
Mr. Bankston responded, beginning at the 4:00 mark, by relaying that LAPA has few members and cites that as a rationale
 why he personally would NOT recommend placing LAPA's website link onto the LALB's website.
As Mr. Bankston is aware, LAPA tenet # 2, REQUIRED to be signed by ALL LAPA Members,
entails the voluntary disclosure of a past felony conviction on a member's LAPA profile page.

  It's certainly understandable why Mr. Bankston would have disdain for LAPA given that Mr. Bankston is HIMSELF a convicted felon. 
Furthermore, when Mr. Bankston's hiring was considered by the LALB, Ms. Darlene Jacobs-Levy,
as evidenced beginning at the 3:10 mark of this video, flatly FALSELY stated that Mr. Bankston had "never been
 censured by any court that I'm aware of......"  Mr. Bankston,  who was present for Ms. Jacobs-Levy's statements, did NOTHING to
 correct her falsehood even though  Mr. Bankston's law license was REVOKED by the Louisiana Supreme Court as a result of
 his felony conviction, which was comprised of accepting a bribe while  serving as a Louisiana State Senator.

 So it's no big shock that Mr. Bankston would have disdain for LAPA,
 particularly given the number of Louisiana-licensed auctioneers who have felony convictions, including many
prominent members of the Louisiana Auctioneer Association (LAA), an entity which Mr. Bankston said
"is free to have its website link remain on the LALB website without any obligation whatsoever to place LAPA's website
link on the LALB's website.


LAPA President Rev. Freddie Phillips Seeks Verbatim Roll-Call
Responses to November 5, 2012 LALB Meeting



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