January 23, 2017  Louisiana Auctioneers Licensing Board (LALB) Meeting Highlights

CLICK HERE to View LALB Financial Statements @ 1/23/17 Meeting



LAPA's President, Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips, is all set to open an auction school
in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  CLICK HERE for course curriculum outline
outline, and CLICK HERE for email sent to LALB entailing opening school.



Baton Rouge Business Report breaks major article exposing that disputed
wire transfer payments entailing Henderson Auctions for which James
Blake Everett has asserted in Federal litigation entailed FRAUD, reveals
that the payments purportedly went to "pay Marvin Henderson's girlfriends."




Discussion of reinstatement of office hours for LALB Executive Director Sandy Edmonds.
CLICK HERE for LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips' presentation to the other
Board for which Edmonds serves as Executive Director, the State Interior Design Board.



LALB begins infighting among members about how to handle LAPA President
 Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips' proposal to reduce the in-state auctioneer renewal fee from $150
to $50 until the massive cash hoard, as reflected in the balance sheet at the link above, is
 substantially reduced.  Though all board members appear in agreement to reduce the fee,
they disagree over whether to reduce it to $100 or $50.
CLICK HERE for LALB historical discussions of Rev. Phillips proposal.
CLICK HERE for Sound Off Louisiana feature on Vice Chairman James Sims' hostile
reaction to LAPA Vice President Robert Burns' suggestion to Gov. John Bel Edwards on
what to do with all the excess cash laying around.





Discussion of proposed revisions to Alabama reciprocity agreement (Note:  current
reciprocity agreement included at the end of document at preceding link).

LALB discusses filing bond claims against Evangelist Sean Leteff and Joel Alan Murphy to
collect unpaid fines assessed and the cost of administrative hearings.

  LALB continues discussion of potential increase in required auctioneer bond coverage.
 CLICK HERE for historical discussions of required bond coverage.


  LALB continues discussion of potential regulation of online auctions in Louisiana.
 CLICK HERE for LALB historical discussions of online auction regulation.





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