January 23, 2012 Louisiana Auctioneers Licensing Board (LALB) Meeting Highlights
special guest features from the Interior Design Board Meeting of 1/26/12)


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David Goldberg
to appeal.....Executive Session:  "Threat of litigation."           



IDB 1/26/12 Meeting:  Executive Session - "Threat of litigation."



Executive Session
Ken Buhler license renewal for 2012.


 LALB Member James Sims attempts to reinstate oral portion of license exam.


LALB / IDB Lease Discussion & Proposed Fix by James Sims.


 IDB Made Aware of Lease Disparity at its 1/26/12 Meeting by Robert Burns.

CLICK HERE to view lease documentation ($660 to LALB - $300 to IDB).


Discussion of issuing licenses between Board Meetings.


Hal McMillan
urges Board not to sweat "small stuff" on LALB Meeting rules.


Challenge to Steinkamp's assertion that 34 people can fit in conference room.


Freddie Phillips
objects to ban on one-leg tripods to videotape meetings.



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