November 7, 2016  Louisiana Auctioneers Licensing Board (LALB) Meeting Highlights

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LAPA President Phillips' proposal for $50 IN-STATE license renewals,
 discussions of proposed bond increase, proposed regulation of online auctions.


Sound Off Louisiana presentation entailing Federal Judge Shelly Dick
 DENYING Marvin Henderson's Motion  to be Dismissed from Allegations of Fraud
 entailing litigation with James Blake Everett



Sound Off Louisiana presentation entailing First Guaranty Bank of Hammond Louisiana
 asserting that nearly $1 million in alleged fraud losses are attributable to
 Jeff Henderson's negligence, inattention, lack of management, etc.


Sound Off Louisiana presentation of LALB Members asserting
 "hands tied" entailing Marvin Henderson's illegal notary acts.



LAPA Vice President Robert Burns directly confronts LALB attorney
Larry S. Bankston about actions of LALB Executive Director Sandy Edmonds
regarding her conduct entailing a phone call Burns received from Mississippi auctioneer
Nick Clark wherein Burns indicates Edmonds dissuaded Clark from filing a complaint against
Marvin Henderson and Edmonds defamed Burns' character.  Burns challenges
all parties involved to submit to a polygraph.  So far, neither Edmonds nor Bankston have taken
Burns up on his offer even though Burns has volunteered to pay for the polygraph for them. 



Discussion of reinstating office hours for LALB
CLICK HERE for similar proposal by Rev. Phillips for Interior Design Board
CLICK HERE for extensive page of past payroll irregularities on the part of Ms. Edmonds.

LALB's attorney Larry S. Bankston discusses a complaint by Robert Burns that
 former entailing his contention that former long-time LALB Chairman Tessa Steinkamp
falsified her voter registration (by supplying the address at which her mother resides) in order
to qualify for her position on the LALB.  CLICK HERE for further details.

  LALB discusses an application for reinstatement of his auction license submitted by
problematic auctioneer Mark Brister.




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