November 5, 2012 Louisiana Auctioneers Licensing Board (LALB) Meeting Highlights

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LALB Hearings Scheduled for November 5, 2012:

LALB v. Wade Deshotels:


LALB v. Wilson Auctioneers:



Note:  Due to continual changing of the date of this meeting (originally November 19, then November 12, then November 5) with it being tossed abound like salad, neither LAPA President Rev. Freddie Phillips nor Vice President Robert Burns attended.  Therefore, no video files are available; however, we are pleased to provide the following audio files:

LALB Vice Chairman James Sims Lambasting Gov. Jindal
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LALB Vice Chairman James Sims & Greg Bordelon
Respond to Roll Call @ 11/5/12 LALB Meeting
for 12/22/12 Advocate Article Regarding Above Episode
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LALB Member Charles "Hal" McMillin Admits to Knowing
of "Auctioneer" Conducting Auctions with No License
and Admits to Refusing to Report Him Because, "He's a writer for the local paper,
and he'll chastise me in his column.....and this would all come back to me."


LALB Vice Chairman James Sims, in categorizing auctioneers, manages to offend
 LALB Chairman Tessa Steinkamp.  Subsequently, Sims flatly accuses LALB
leadership of engaging in witch hunts, a charge to which Chairman Steinkamp
takes deep offense.  What auction(s) was Sims referring to?  While Sims didn't specify, it quite likey
entailed legendary auctioneer Keith Babb's problematic dump truck auction.


LALB Executive Assistnat Sandy Edmonds explains to LALB Members how to covertly avoid public scrutiny
and circumvent public records requests.

Jean Vidos (former NOAG owner) discussion.  The LALB seems focused ONLY on potential renewals
for Ms. Vidos in LA and consistently seems OBLIVIOUS to formally disciplining Ms. Vidos for all of the
problems which transpired at NOAG so that, if Ms. Vidos applies for a license in another state,
she will HAVE to answer "Yes" to whether or not she has been disciplined in another state!!


Continued discussion of Jerry Rosato's inability to pay his $1,500 fine imposed
at the July, 2012 LALB hearing of LALB v. Jerry Rosato


Continued disparaging remarks about Mississippi licensing authorities
regarding MS reciprocity ("they don't like New Orleans people")


LALB votes to reduce auction school registration fees to $0 indefinitely.


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