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Real-Time Details on HB-677 (auction CE reinstatement)




LAPA Vice President Robert Burns introduces the four newest members of the
  Louisiana Auctioneer's Licensing Board (LALB) and also updates auctioneers on the latest developments
entailing reinstating Continuing Education (CE) in Louisiana as a requirement for an
auction license.  CLICK HERE for historical LALB coverage of CE.

CLICK HERE for brief YouTube video of new LALB appointee Terrence Lockett

CLICK HERE for Brown's Auction website (company of new LALB appointee Jacob Brown).
CLICK HERE for Jacob Brown's NAA profile.

CLICK HERE for a detailed Sound Off Louisiana feature entailing the 17-year corrupt
reign of outgoing LALB Chairman Tessa Steinkamp.

Notice that, at the VERY BOTTOM (far right) of Gov. John Bel Edwards' homepage, is
a link to "report possible fraud or abuse."  When that link is clicked upon,
it takes the viewer directly to this page of the Louisiana Legislative Auditor's Website.
What a REFRESHING CHANGE from Gov. Bobby Jindal, who in sharp contrast, and
in concert with disgraced former Louisiana Attorney General James D. "Buddy" Caldwell,
would have the LALB hire convicted felon Larry S. Bankston in order that he could
aggressively pursue my auction license for having reported the payroll fraud being
perpetrated by LALB Executive Director Sandy Edmonds.



1.  Bill Tracking Webpage

Latest action:  4/26/16 - Rep. Mack AGAIN fails to attend meeting to present the bill.

                         3/22/16 - Rep. Mack fails to attend meeting to present bill so it is  voluntarily deferred (see 1:45 - 1:55 mark of video).


2.  Bill's Content

3.  Listing of House Commerce Committee Members


4.  Contact Information By House Commerce Committee Member


5.  Look Up Your Representative or Senator by Address (useful if bill passes committee and moves to House floor)


6.  Sherman Mack (bill sponsor) House Homepage


7.  LA Rep. Johnny Guinn (Licensed Auctioneer) House Homepage


8.  Historical Videotaped Auction CE House/Senate/LALB Deliberations (including staunch opposition by Rep. Guinn).







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