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Quick review & update on litigation between
Louisiana Auctioneer Licensing Board Member
Jeff Henderson (owner of JAH Enterprises d/b/a
Henderson Auctions) and Blake Everett.

Supporting Documents:

1.  Transfer of Crown Casino Vessel:  Jeff Henderson to Everett on 12/3/13.

Lawsuit filed 5/27/14 in Livingston Parish of JAH Enterprises v. Everett et. al.

3.  Lis Pendens filed by JAH (Jeff Henderson) in Mississippi on 6/4/14.

4.  8/25/14 motion by JAH to hire private process server to serve Everett.

5.  7/7/15 signed order by Mississippi judge expunging Lis Pendens.

6.  1/22/16 Henderson Ex Parte Motion:  appoint attorney to represent Everett in Livingston Parish


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