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News Flash (8/27/14):


84-year-old widow sues Gov. Jindal's Auctioneer Licensing Board:

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Click here for a feature article published on September 27, 2014 in Louisiana Voice.










(Note:  LALB = Louisiana Auctioneer's Licensing Board)

LAPA Vice President Robert Burns
welcomes consumers to the LAPA website
and explains its first three consumer options.



1.  Educate yourself quickly on SHILL BIDDING, including:

      A.  Louisiana's laws on shill bidding.

      B.  PUBLIC STATEMENTS by LA auctioneers on shill bidding.




2.  CLICK HERE for INDIVIDUAL auctioneer issues (including LALB VIDEOS of those issues).



3.  Obtain guidance for avoiding problematic auction experiences.



4.  LAPA'S Membership Criteria and its Current Membership.



5.  See LALB embarrassments, alphabetically by Board Member or associate.



6.  View LAPA's proposed REFORM of the Louisiana auction industry.




The above options are specifically intended for consumers; however, consumers can gain MUCH insight into the LALB by visiting Option # 1 under "Auctioneers" below.  Especially of interest to consumers may be the link for discussions of placing a LAPA Link on the LALB's website.  It's amazing the steadfast resolve of the LALB to keep you the consumer from obtaining access to the information within this website!











Brief Introduction to Auctioneers from
 LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips 





1.  LALB Discussions Indexed by Topic.


2.  LALB Financial Information.


3.  LAPA News: 

      A.  See 2/6/14 video deposition of LAPA VP Robert Burns including "blatant payroll fraud" questions regarding Sandy Edmonds.

           B.  See 2/27/14 State of the Auction Industry Address by LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips.

     C.  See 1/8/14 chat LAPA Pres. Freddie Phillips has with Gov. Jindal regarding problems in Louisiana's auction industry.